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Sales Administrator

Amanda was born in Melbourne where she started her working career at the young age of 14 while still in school. Amanda started a part time job as her local Supermarket Safeway. Her mother taught her from a young age that if she wanted nice things in life, she had to work for it!

At the age of 16 Amanda left school and started her hairdressing apprenticeship but after two years she decided this was not the career path for her. When she left hairdressing, she started full time at Safeway and by the time she was 18 years of age she was third in charge and she was fast being noticed by management.

Amanda sadly lost her father not long after this and decided that it was time for a change and relocated to Broome in 2010. Amanda started her career at Woolworths Broome and in the 9 years that she worked for the company she moved around to different roles from deli manager, bakery manager and service manager. Amanda says that working at Woolworths gave her an understanding of leadership and growth.

Amanda has always had an interest in Real Estate and when she saw the position advertised at Ray White, she went for it!  Amanda proudly boasts; “it’s the best career change I have ever made and I wish I did it years ago!  I’m very exciting about where Real Estate can take me and I hope to work up to being a sales consultant or even dipping my toe in property management”

Amanda met her partner in Broome, has three wonderful kids and loves spending time with the family.

30 Seconds with Amanda Woosman:

What do you do for fun?

"I enjoy every moment I have with my three girls and my partner. We enjoy family time, anything from watching a movie at home to going fishing and crabbing over the weekend".

What would your life would be meaning less without?

"My partner Domanic Matsumoto, he may drive me up the wall at times but I definitely could not live without him".

What do you like most about your work?

"What I most like about working with Ray White is, friendless and kindness that you receive form everyone. Whenever I need help there is always someone there to help you... Definitely Joely she is great value to the company".