Kayleigh Sandford

Office Manager/PM Team Leader - Broome & Derby

Prior to joining Ray White Kayleigh had a strong background in hospitality and administration back in England.

After travelling for a few years she found love in the outback and moved to nearby Broome to shack up. 

Kayleigh’s time in hospitality means she can deliver outstanding customer service to everyone she encounters. 

In her downtime Kayleigh enjoys taking her Kelpie Diesel for walks on the world renowned Cable Beach, fishing (although she won’t tell us where!), and all the other activities life in Broome offers. 

Although this is a new field for Kayleigh she looks forward to the challenges and opportunities Ray White can throw at her!


If you were a world leader, what would you change? 

"Having personally worked in some pretty unglamorous jobs - as a world leader I would implement some compulsory job roles. At age 16 everyone should spend at least 2 days a week in the working world and rotate between the following job roles. 1. Waitress 2. Bartender 3. Retail Assistant. I believe that by doing this everybody would have a little more understanding and respect for those members of society that support our favourite pastimes - eating, drinking and shopping."

Your life would be meaningless without? 

"My Beats by Dre headphones and Ipod Shuffle. These were the best presents I have ever recevied. The headphones were gifted to me by my long suffering partner David (although I'm sure retrospectively he has regretted it since) and the Ipod was gifted to me by my amazing sister Hope. I find that nothing in life can't be made better by listening to my Ipod Shuddle with the worlds best (and pink) headphones."

If a genie gave you a wish, what would you wish for? 

"I would wish for a Time Remote Control. I am convinced this device would make life a breeze. Suddenly thought of a witty remark you should have said? That's fine, just rewind time and hit them with it."